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Thomas Lawrence Yuma

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Added: Jul 29, 2021  

Newport, Lincoln County, Oregon. Beta senior goes victimish to take down 20 years younger male, with a concocted robbery report that later fell apart due to video evidence. Senior got arrested.

July 25, 2021. A cloudy afternoon in Newport Starbucks. Thomas Lawrence Yuma called the cops and complained of being robbed at knifepoint by a man he identified. Moments later, police arrived the scene and arrested the suspect. Without further ado, the accused was published here while police carried on the with investigation.

July 27, 2021. After detectives gained access to surveillance footage, they noticed that the reported incident never transpired, refuting Thomas Yuma's claims. The accused man never attacked nor demanded money from Thomas. Evidence was sent to the Lincoln County District Attorney and a judge had all charges against the accused man dismissed.

The same day the falsely accused man was being released, Newport officers found and arrested 68 year-old Thomas Lawrence Yuma on one count of filing a false report.

No court date was released.

Food for Thought

Is it fair that the Police were quick to arrest the accused man without prior investigation, just because he had several other arrests on his record? Is it fair to take away the benefit of the doubt for innocence when the accused is discovered to have a record? Hold that thought!

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