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Lyndora, Butler County, Pennsylvania. Woman with rare behavioral disorder embarks on a mission to harm her own little daughter while she makes multiple false abuse allegations against the young child's father. Deja Vu here

May 13, 2021. In a rocky relationship with the father of her child, Leah Frey (AKA Leah A. Frey) calls Childline and reports that the man was abusing the child. Police intervened but found no evidence to substantiate her claims but Leah kept pushing the allegations.

In absence of evidence to punish the innocent man, Leah Frey took the child to multiple health centers looking for a physician to prove physical abuse. But in all examinations of the child, doctors concluded there were no signs of abuse. In a season of high covid-19 infections reported on the media and overwhelmed resources in Pennsylvania medical centers, Leah's risking of catching Covid-19 for herself and the child was just as high as her spirits to find that one doctor to confirm her falsehood. However, the madness didn't end there.

Finding no physician to confirm her fears in Pennsylvania, Leah Frey headed west to Ohio and did the same thing she in PA, consulting with physician at least twice. But even in Ohio, the outcome of her quest was the same, No evidence of abuse.

Meanwhile, Leah Frey continued to make Child Abuse allegations against the child's father, six more times, with the last report made on July 23, 2021, until Pennsylvania police decided she had stretched their resources enough, and sought an arrest warrant for her.

Police believe that the bruises on Leah Frey's child which she used to make her most recent complaint was inflicted on the child as a result of an excessive number of physical examinations opted by Leah herself. Police say a therapist to whom Leah also took the child said Leah was obstructing the treatment and that she appeared to show signs of a rare attention-seeking behavioral disorder called "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy" (MSP). However, that is no excuse to harm a child and her father.

July 26, 2021. 38 year-old Leah A. Frey was arrested by Pennsylvania State police on one misdemeanor count of false reporting and one felony count of child endangerment. Her bond was set at $25,000 by a district Judge.

July 27, 2021. The fictim posted bond and was released from Butler County Jail. Her next court date is scheduled for next month - August 5th, 2021.

Even though Leah Frey made multiple false allegations in seven complaints and abused the child multiple times, she was only charged with one count of each crime. Why? Going by VAWA-induced #StartByBelieving Mantra for Law-Enforcement, Those criminal charges, especially the latter, is, in most cases, reserved for fathers only. Watch this space

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