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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. Fantasist stages rape scene then calls for help and makes false gang-rape allegations against two fictitious Arabic men. After her hoax fell apart through police investigation, Cheyenne Pressley finally confessed with an expected excuse of fabricating the rape to stall her divorce. Deja Vu here, here, here and many more.

July 14, 2021. The peaceful nights were not good enough for Cheyenne Pressley (AKA Cheyenne A. Pressley) so she staged a scene, called 911 and reported that she had just been duct-taped, blindfolded and raped by two men when she took her dog out-back. She claimed the incident started with one of the perpetrators putting a gun to her back and threating to shoot if she screamed or looked at them.

When officers arrived at her house, she told them that soon after she let her dog out the backdoor, someone pressed something hard (a gun) into her back and said: “If you scream, I’ll shoot you,” and “If you look at me, I’ll shoot you.” While she complied, the two men tied her up, blindfolded her, flung her to the ground, one of them ripped off her panties and they raped her seven to eight times for over an hour. Cheyenne claimed she managed to have a glimpse of the perpetrators after they finished, describing them as “Arabic men.”

To further the investigation, Cheyenne Pressley signed a consent document granting detectives permission to access to her digital device. Detectives found her phone at the backyard and searched it. Behold they discovered deleted pictures and videos of her taken presumably shortly after the men left. One particular video showed the fictim with hands, ankles and mouth bound by duct tape. Detectives believe the camera was adjusted for the correct shots, and, unlike in a chaotic situation, the camera was pretty steady as if it was mounted on a tripod. Besides, Cheyenne Pressley positioned herself within the camera view before crying for help. Additionally, the series of shots indicates Cheyenne was trying to find the suitable one to fulfill her purpose of staging the crime, investigators believe.

July 15, 2021. In a follow-up interview with Cheyenne Pressley, Detectives stressed to her that it was a crime to file a false report and gave her a chance to come clean. But she stuck with her rape fantasy. Detectives say they gave her many chances to come clean but she adamantly held onto her initial story.

Eventually, Detectives confronted Cheyenne Pressley with evidence that she was lying before she finally broke and confessed that she staged the gang-rape hoax to gain the sympathy and time of her estranged husband who would otherwise divorce her. However, pubic records show her divorce had already been filed in September 2020.

July 28, 2021. The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office filed a charge against Cheyenne Antonia Pressley, a single misdemeanor count of False Reporting of a crime. She is scheduled to appear in court August.

Food For Thought

Fake rape, real police response, real investigation. That's not just your taxes going down the drain folks but the potential death of 2 men who would have fit the description of Cheyenne's fake rapists. So let's ask the right questions:

1. If the allegations were true, the accused men would have faced 7 to 8 counts of rape, 1 or more counts of false imprisonment, 1 count of threatening with a deadly weapon, multiple counts of assault and sexual assault, etc. and even extra charges like possession of a deadly weapon, trespassing, breaking and entering, etc. All felony counts would have possibly led to multiple life sentences for each of the accused. So why is it that Cheyenne Pressley only gets ONE misdemeanor for her MULTIPLE false reports?

Even when detectives give her an opportunity to withdraw the report, she continues to lie, those should be multiple charges too. But no. The sad reality is that if she withdrew the report when detectives offered her the chance, she would not be charged with any crime. Meaning you would not have known that the rape story you saw on the media was a lie. How many more women around the corner of your neighborhood pull-off these rape hoaxes that you'll never know? Hold that thought

2. Why did it take so long to charge Cheyenne with a crime? 2 weeks. It appears it's for the same aforementioned reason. She was given the time and chance to reason with the authorities but she wasn't playing the game well enough, and subsequently exhausted the window of opportunity she was given.

Alright, let's dissect this particular fictim.

By way of Cheyenne's false report, she used state-sponsored cuntworthism to kill 3 birds with one stone - got attention from the authorities and the media, got the attention of her estranged husband, and got the perfect excuse to navigate other situations and/or avoid responsibilities in her life by way of newfound fake victimhood. Every state resource expended on her was one less expended on a real victim out there. Does that mean people will be more skeptical when they hear these bogus rape stories?

Think about it. A body positioning specialist and selfie expert by way of her Yoga enthusiasm and instagraming proficiency, respectively; did multiple positioning for her rape hoax to be captured on camera. And next time you hear that story, you'll still feel sorry for the fibster?

In fact, whenever we see a woman buy duct tape, ropes or something, society needs to watch her very carefully. And whenever a woman tells a rape story involving one or more of "parking lot", "Walmart", "ski mask", "while jogging at the park", "while walking her dog", "duct tape", etc.. just like this woman here who made waves in Europe. Again, take that with a grain of salt because the hoax account often comes from their recollection of a movie.

3. Why did she choose this month to stage the rape hoax when her divorce was filed September 2020? Could it be that she knows that her estranged hubby has gotten with another woman and she's worried he's becoming increasingly attached to and focused on her?

4. Why "Arabic men"? could it be that when Cheyenne and her Chinese husband were in good terms they often talked about how unpleasant Arabic men are? and that's why she chose that particular race of people to create psychological urgency to her emotional rescue? This is female psychology 101 the rest is up to your imagination.

Finally, why are "men" attentive to women who claim to be sexually assaulted? We should create a new term for simps who become more sympathetic and caring when women tell them other men had penetrated them. More than anything, the way nature is setup is for the male to reject that female completely, if she has been contaminated by another male's semen. But more women these days are confident that crying rape gets them positive attention from men. And, weirdly, it does. Does this mean modern humans have been socially engineered beyond common sense? At least it seems so in western society. Watch this space.

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