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Melissa Marie Vivar

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Winchester, White River Township, Randolph County, Indiana. Racist, Repulsive, Difficult, Uncooperative, Untruthful. Choose your own words to describe Melissa Vivar, the 260 lbs woman who wanted police to StartByBelieving that her boyfriend knocked her down, because she "wanted him to go to jail." As if the false reporting wasn't bad enough, her true colors were revealed later when she endangered her own infants in her attempt to kill that same Mr. Boyfriend, and going as far as racially attacking an African-American officer involved in assisting her. Charges finally followed but no hate crime charge.

Let's dial back. This whole saga began with a chaotic Hispanic racist Florida woman, Melissa Marie Vivar (AKA Melissa Marie Scee), who identifies as WHITE. She moved to Indiana to start afresh, but the baggage of bad habits that plagued her life experiences in Florida certainly came along with her.

February 21, 2020. Winchester. The police were called to a disturbance in a hotel where Melissa Vivar decided that her biggest problem was the man with whom she got pregnant. She told officers that during an argument, her boyfriend knocked her to the ground causing her a right knee injury. Not only did Melissa make the accusation orally but the delivered police a hand-written statement.

As you would expect, what followed was state-sponsored VAWA-recommended consequences against the merely accused man. Mr. Boyfriend faced harsh interrogations and had to hire a lawyer ASAP, incur unnecessary expenses that would have otherwise been saved for the well-being of Melissa's unborn children. Even though there was no actual evidence that Mr. Boyfriend did anything to Melissa, the case proceeded.

March 05, 2020. In a recorded deposition by Randolph County Prosecutor and in the presence of Mr. Boyfriend's attorney, Melissa Vivar confessed that she initially lied to police about the physical attack by her boyfriend because she wanted him jailed. She added that she actually got her knee injury as a result of a trip and fall. Even after this confession, Melissa was not charged with any crime. Case swept under the rug and we thought that would be the end of it. But no, it gets more interesting.

June 11, 2021. Muncie. Once again, A loud, vulgar and irrational Melissa Marie Vivar was not convinced that she won an argument with her boyfriend who eventually left the vicinity on foot. Consequently, she decided that the whole neighborhood had to pay a heavy price, including her infant twins. While intoxicated, she put the 10-month old babies in her car and drove after her estranged boyfriend trying to ram him to death.

Mr. Boyfriend who was targeted by Melissa for extermination became the hero when he realized their two babies were in the car for the rough ride. The selfless man jumped in the car and took control of the situation and made sure all car occupants and other road users were safe, including Melissa Vivar, then he seized the car keys.

When police arrived, Melissa was extremely uncooperative, in addition to being "very loud and animated," according to police report. She refused to take a breath test. A court-order issued for her blood test was alternatively enforced. At the hospital, Melissa Vivar repeatedly used a racial slur in reference to an African American police officer and even went as far as addressing him directly that if they were in Florida, other citizens would hang the officer "from a noose like you deserve to be hung."

According to a report by The Star Press, police wrote that Melissa Vivar also loudly cursed at nurses, prompting a guest to emerge from another room "to tell Melissa to shut up."

June 23, 2021. Delaware County Circuit Court 2. 36-year-old Melissa Marie Vivar was charged with disorderly conduct, two counts of neglect of a dependent and driving while intoxicated with a minor passenger less than 18 years of age.

July 22, 2021. Randolph County Circuit Court. Melissa Marie Vivar was charged with one count of perjury, a Level 6 felony carrying a maximum sentence of up to 30 months in jail. But we all know that Melissa has a higher likelihood of being struck by lightening than being punished for using the authorities against a man based on her false allegations.

The habitual fictim is scheduled for court this August.

For those who may find it convenient to blame the Boyfriend for the woman's erraticism, Melissa Vivar's capacity for cruelty neither started recently nor has it been limited to human encounters. According to an Okeechobee (FL) Newspaper publication, Melissa was arrested on December 06, 2009, on a charge of Cruelty to Animals. She bonded out $5,000

Food for thought

If not for the second incident where Melissa Vivar endangered her infant children and caused disturbance in the neighborhood and in the hospital, she would not have been charged with the False Domestic Abuse Perjury for the first incident. What does that mean for our society? how many other women are out there with stealth false accuser records?

The false Domestic Violence report did not necessarily earn Melissa Vivar a ticket to the Perjury charge, but her recanting the story and confessing did. It appears that if she didn't get tired of keeping up the lies, investigators would have no choice but believe that all 260 lbs of her was knocked down with a shove. Should we continue to StartByBelieving? Hold that Thought

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