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Updated: May 22, 2021  

Lindsborg, McPherson County, Kansas. By all means unnecessary, Collegian wants the legal definition of rape tailored to her own experience just so she can be a victim. What's more, Madison Smith's whole family supports her great ambition to be recognized as a rape victim. After all, there's no higher badge of honor to aspire to in the era of abundant cuntworthism.

You're not in Kansas anymore, You're in Rapeville. At least the Smiths and their supporters want you to think so, courtesy of their overly pampered and apparently spoiled princess. Read this one with an open mind

February 11, 2018. College freshman, Madison Smith, having kicked it with a male student for a while decided it was time to get the stick in the hole. So she went for it, to his room, fore-playing and all before "consensual sex" followed. There was spanking, twisting, pulling, banging and all the excitements that young girls choose bad guys for. However, as the male is not a psychedelic mind reader, the process did not go exactly as Madison would later wish it to have been. Consequently, society must do something about her feelings.

February 12, 2018. Madison herself insinuated this all started with her re-analyzing her faintly visible neck bruises in the mirror. And it hit her... "I was raped last night," she told her parents. Those were the magic words enough to set the tone and trigger rage. No one asked Madison what type of sex she expected when she went in that room. Of course not. "I just, I completely lost it. I completely lost it," Madison's mother told Insider. She and her husband, said to have 23 years experience in law enforcement, Called the school and the police. I leave the rage-stricken phone conversations to your own imagination. Consequently, the response was swift by Joe Biden's TFPSfSA (White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault) standards and feelings-induced entitlement mode.

Over the course of two years, the accused male's reputation was dragged through the mud, as usual. He was suspended, arrested, interrogated, investigated, and pressured to confess to a crime.

August 21, 2020. The accused male was convicted of battery and sentenced. But that's apparently not enough for the Smiths. They'd only be happy to have his head on a guillotine. The prosecutor, having studied all shreds of evidence pointing to consensual sex, found no way to fulfill the Smiths' demand to charge the boy with a felony sex crime. Madison Smith never said "no" nor did she say "stop" which legally disqualifies her experience from being regarded as rape, under the given consented sex situation.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Madison believes that she was a victim of rape," the prosecutor told the Washington Post. "It was approached in that way, and then charging decisions were made based on the evidence that was available in the case. I don't believe that we minimized this." The battery case against the accused boy was the best the prosecution team could do, legally, based on the evidence and all available testimonies. And securing the conviction was considered a victory by the prosecutor. But apparently the Smiths were not happy. "I don't think the prosecutor understood that my family and I — we're not the average victim," Smith told Insider.

Far from realizing how lucky she is to not be charged with Filing a False Police Report, Madison Smith is taking her female entitlements to the next level of absurdity. After collecting hundreds of petition signatures, she and her family are invoking an obscure 1887 Kansas statute that allows citizens to petition for their own grand jury. They hope the grand jury will agree that a special prosecutor be appointed to replace the current rational one. They also hope to launch a new investigation and bring new sexual assault charges against the accused boy. "A fight for justice," the Smiths call it.

On September 29, 2021, a grand jury will convene to consider filing new rape charges against the already convicted male. And the drama continues and we keep our eyes wide open for this one.

Food for Thought

Madison Smith chose a bad guy for sex as they all do, to consensually smack the shit out of her during the experience. But hey! how dare he not know how she would later feel? of course that makes him a rapist just like with every other regretted sex.

So, what exactly is she fighting for? What type of "awareness" is she hoping to create that the Mattress Girl here and many other feminism aspirants have not already created? With a big smile on her face, Madison Smith is fighting for her rights to be known as the ultimate rape victim, and that's the best endeavor to push her efforts. At least her family members think so along with the hundreds who signed her petition.

Reviving an 1887 Kansas law, Madison Smith is on route to select her own feminist jurors to convict an innocent man of rape, come September 29, 2021. And if she succeeds, what exactly will that achieve for herself and society? Read the war against heterosexuality between the lines as Madison makes herself a convenient weapon in the hands of the wrong side. But she doesn't know that much. To her, it's about her rights to be a victim as what society has bombarded her mindset with.

How will this whole saga turn out? The answer is obvious in a system dominated and controlled by radical feminists. But does it change the fact that Madison Smith is a Fictim? not in our own books. Watch this space.

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