Makayla Lashea Burrows

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Rogersville, Tennessee. Attention ****e Makayla Lashea Burrows sent bomb and death threats to herself and a female colleague but claimed a man did. She even created a fake social media account in the accused man's name to fool police.

January 17, 2018. Rogersville police responded to a Daycare Center call, where Makayla and a female coworker reported they had been receiving threatening messages from a man named Shane Letner. Makayla showed officers she had been receiving the death and rape threats about a week before the workplace incident, and the threat messaging continued even when officers were on scene, with one message suggesting that "Shane Letner" was outside and he was going to kill everyone and blow up the daycare center after the center director left. The threat messages also correctly identified when certain workers would leave to run errand. With that indication, police knew the suspect had to be an insider. The daycare was placed on lock-down for the childrens’ safety. Convinced that the suspect had to be nearby, Officers secured the perimeter and waited out the Daycare center in an undercovered car for hours and even conducted traffic stops for suspect. But there was no suspect outside yet the messaging continued.

After hours, officers began to suspect the messages were being sent from within the Daycare center... and suggested to the Director to remove all the phones. She did so, including her own. They waited for one hour within which the "Shane Let" (Shane Letner) facebook account through which the threats were sent remained inactive. The threats had stopped.

Then police interviewed each employee during which Makayla admitted she was seeking attention when she created a bogus Facebook account and text messenger under the name "Shane Let" which she used over the past week to pretend she and another coworker were being stalked and threatened. Makayla had only worked in the Daycare center for three weeks before she caused an incident that put the place in lock-down for a whole day.

August 20, 2018. A 19-year-old Makayla Lashea Burrows was indicted by a Hawkins County grand jury on one count of Class C felony filing a false report and one count of Class D felony filing a false report which carries a penalty of 3-6 year sentence.
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