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Melbourne, Brevard County, Florida. Man-hating landwhale Dana Delaney Loyd called the DCF Hotline, falsely claimed to be an elementary school teacher, to falsely accuse a man of sexually abusing his child.

April 29, 2015. The Florida Department of Children and Families Hotline received a call from someone who identified herself as "Theresa Smith". Claiming to be a substitute teacher at the Quest Elementary school, the caller went ahead to report child abuse by a man she identified as the child's father. She claimed the child had divulged the abuse to her.

Officers were immediately involved. During an inquiry with the Elementary school, staff revealed they had no subsequent teacher for the date reported. Additionally, there was no teacher by the name "Theresa Smith". Officers managed to trace the false caller to chief editor of website BrevardsBestNews.com, did an interview with Dana Delaney Loyd who eventually confessed to having called DCF and made the false allegation. She also confessed to calling the father’s employer and others, to harass him.

Some claim her efforts to feed off a false narrative of CSA was to boost her alternative news website. In fact Dana had made posts about the alleged incident naming both the father as perpetrator and the child as the victim, on her website. She launched a GoFundMe page at about the same period and went great lengths to contact the alleged perpetrator’s employment and other organizations including a sports club where he was volunteering as a soccer coach, advising he was a child molester. However the investigation determined that the allegations of the reported abuse were unsubstantiated. Subsequently, officers obtained a warrant for Dana's arrest

August 28, 2015. Dana Delaney Loyd was arrested and charged with Falsely reporting a felony. She was held in the Brevard County Jail on $10,500 bond

March 30, 2017. 44-year-old anti-male liar Dana Delaney Loyd, from Titusville, was found guilty by a Brevard County jury, of Filing a False Report of Child Abuse which is a felony punishable by up to five years imprisonment. The child she claimed was the victim had written a letter to the judge asking for a sever sentence. Hopefully Dana ends up in the Florida Department of Corrections for justice sake.

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