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Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan. Scorned woman plays the helpless victim and falsely accuses a male deputy of rape, possibly because he refused to rekindle a relationship with her. "Coincidentally", Kellie Bartlett's rape allegation was made only after she lost her job in the same department as the accused deputy. After locking horns with the justice system for months, She has finally pleaded guilty to crimes related to her false rape reporting. See updates down the page.

January 2018. Like vengeful hypoagency on a 'kamikaze mission', Kellie Bartlett filed a complaint with Michigan State Police alleging a deputy had sexually assaulted her in March 2017. Following the report, an investigation was launched accordingly.

By the spring of 2018, the case was reassigned to Barry County Prosecutor’s Office to avoid conflict of interest as the alleged victim had worked in the Eaton Sherrif's Office for almost a decade. The Barry County Prosecutor said her suspicions that this may be a false report were raised after spending months reviewing shreds of evidence from both the Michigan State Police and Mission Team.

What actually happened?

According to information released from the Prosecutor's office: Kellie Bartlett was working as a clerk in the Eaton County Sheriff's Office in late 2015 when she began a relationship with the deputy despite being married to a Michigan police chief. In the spring of 2017, the Deputy ended the relationship and asked Kellie Bartlett to stop contacting him. Later in 2017, the Deputy notified superiors that Kellie Bartlett was still contacting him. A Mission Team of Kent and Allegan county detectives were assigned to investigate the alleged stalking incident.

December 2017, Kellie Bartlett no longer works for the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office, likely fired.
January 2018, Kellie Bartlett files a rape complaint claiming that the deputy sexually assaulted her in March 2017.

Even commonsense alone is enough to conclusively declare the report a flat lie, but we're a civilized people who have to go through lengthy paperwork and investigations to arrive at common truths. And that truth finally unveilled itself in this case.

September 21, 2018. 35-year-old Kellie Bartlett along with her accomplice Lisa Underhill (ex-GF of the deputy who also created fake Facebook accounts using the deputy's identity) were charged in Barry County with 10 felonies including identity theft, unauthorized access to a computer, and conspiracy; and four misdemeanors including stalking and intentional dissemination of sexually explicit visual material; in connection to the false rape report, according to the Barry County Prosecutor's Office.

Shortly after the charges were leveled against her, Kellie Bartlett turned to social media creating FB page in efforts to gain sympathy and gynocentric mob support for herself, while claiming the charges against her were as a result of "corruption" in the police department. By the page, she also tries to tie her crimes to the "sexual assault" experiences of "women".

We've seen this trick many times before, where a female criminal tries to be a combination of a hero and a victim, just like the other victimish virago here. But Kellie has failed to rob reasonable people of their commonsense, hence she has so far only gathered support from blind feminists and ignorant loyalists to feminocentrism. See you in court!

February 08, 2019. 48-year-old co-conspirator Lisa Renee Underhill-Dietz pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of attempted unlawful posting of a message on a computer. As a result of a plea deal, all her other charges including using a computer to commit a crime, conspiracy to have unauthorized access to a computer, conspiracy to commit identity theft, identity theft and stalking, have been dropped. She is scheduled to be sentenced on March 26, 2019.

On the other hand, Kellie Bartlett shunned her preliminary hearing, the slew of felony charges and misdemeanor against her still stand and she is headed for a full trial.

May 01, 2019. Kellie Bartlett's husband, Potterville police chief, has been slapped with multiple felony charges for helping her make false statements, lying to investigators and committing crimes while in public office. This comes as a result of Kellie refusing to plead guilty even with all the pieces of evidence against her. Shane Bartlett, her husband, is said to have exchanged phone messages with Kellie Bartlett about the extra-marital sex with the later accused deputy shortly after the encounter. The tone of the message somewhat mocked the deputy's sexual competence insinuating he wasn't good enough in bed. The couples handling of the incident made it obvious that Kellie's extra-marital sex with the deputy was consensual, yet he assisted her to proceed with the rape complaint. It took several months for investigators to access his communication devices and confirm the felonies against him. It is no surprise that behind many lying women, there is a man.

August 21, 2019. Kellie is back. This time she's no longer proclaiming her rape victimhood by the falsely accused deputy, but her target is the Barry County Prosecutor. Kellie Bartlett's attorney is crafting an unusual pursuance of dismissing the case against the fictim (false victim), with an argument that the prosecutor is not doing her job right: by taking an "extremely personal interest" in Kellie Bartlett's prosecution, making herself a necessary witness by conducting independent investigations into Kellie, destroying evidence, exercising "impropriety and exceeded the scope of her authority on multiple occasions," one of which is alleged to have occurred when the prosecutor filed out-of-county charges without having been appointed as a special prosecutor on the case by the Attorney General, intervening in a family court matter, following through on threats to charge Shane Bartlett if his wife did not accept a plea deal, Withholding discovery from a previous defense attorney, and all in all not being a neutral prosecutor, according to a report by Lansing State Journal.

September 24, 2019. A judge ruled that the accused prosecutor is not biased in the case. This is another fail for Kellie Bartlett who was earlier afforded a chance to take a plea deal like her accomplices were, but she refused. So, the fake victim of rape is fast switching to the fake victim of the justice system. Do not let that happen. If you're here in Michigan, sign the attached letter to stand with the Barry County Prosecutor and "Demand Justice" that Kellie Bartlett not receive any special treatments nor let off the hook. Do not let them intimidate the prosecutor into dropping the case as they did in Kansas. There is more at stake here than one life-changing liar named Kellie Bartlett. This is an attempt to compromise the justice system in favor of liars and schemers. And if they succeed, it will set a precedent for other false accusers like Kellie. We cannot let that happen.

-- Update --

December 11, 2019 fictim Kellie Bartlett pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors including Filing a False Report of a Felony, and three felonies. The sentencing hearing is scheduled to begin in 2020. Can't wait!

The fictimhood (fake victimhood) of having a relationship with deputies then accusing them of a sex crime is not uncommon. We have seen it before here , here , here , etc. Therefore we must play our parts as citizens to uphold our sanity and deter these fictims from keeping up the trend. Sign the letter below to the prosecutor for fictim Kellie Bartlett to receive a healthy dose of justice as a consequence of her attempt to destroy an innocent man's life
LETTER TO Barry County Prosecutor, Julie Nakfoor Pratt

Dear Prosecutor,

Thank you for taking up the Kellie Bartlett case fairly and irrespective of the gender political rhetoric out there. We have seen your press release and we need you to know you have the full support of the people of Michigan to prosecute Kellie Bartlett and bring her to justice accordingly.

Thousands of men's lives are shattered around the world each year, due to false accusations of sexual crimes. Some like Wilbert Jones have endured long term imprisonment while they lost everything they once knew as a normal life. Others like Ross Bullock had committed suicide due to pressures from the character assassination, defamation and reputation damage which rip apart the core of a man and his prestige. These are our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles.

There is no excuse for putting a man through such hell simply because the society allows it by virtue of gynocentric privilege, which unfortunately, is all too well known to produce imbalance of perception and outcome before the law. In a fair world every sane adult takes responsibility for their words and actions equally, as our modern civilization prescribes. And if their words and/or actions have a potential to put another person away for a long time, they themselves should be faced with equal application of the law.

Dear Julie for justice, for justice sake, set an example and prosecute Kellie Bartlett with the same resources, and with the same gravity as one would have prosecuted the man she falsely accused. You have the full support of the people of Michigan.

Thank you for your attention to the voice of the people.

- Community Against False Allegations
- Signed by CAFA September 22, 2018

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