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Lawrenceville, Georgia. Fantasist fictim Hillary Black feigned a kidnap-robbery and attempted sexual assault story nicely delivered to 911 claiming a Hispanic man took her for all it's worth. After wasting about 38 man-hours investigating the allegation, police determined it was a hoax but the hoaxer is currently at large.

September 15, 2018. fictim Hillary Black reports to police that after she withdrew $200 from an ATM and went back to her car, a Hispanic man forced himself in the passenger seat and ordered her at knifepoint to to drive according to his direction - leading to an abandoned shopping complex where he proceeded to steal all $1400 ($200 withdrawn from the ATM plus another $1200 she had in her purse for mortgage). She further claimed she thought the man armed with a box cutter was going to sexually assault her so she tried to fight him off resulting in several cuts to her arms. She claimed she eventually used pepper spray to fend off the attacker.

Police drove around to find the crime scene but there was no abandoned shopping center as Hillary described. So they impounded her car for further investigation but found no evidence of anyone else having been in the car at the time of the alleged incident. Then they checked surveillance footage around the ATM and the parking lot where she claimed the man kidnapped her, but there was no event to support her claims. When officers interviewed her with the findings, she was adamant to admit she had lied. She held onto her initial claim until the officer told her about the security camera footage, then she admitted to having concocted the kidnap story. The $200 she withdrew from the ATM was still in her purse. She never had an extra $1200, no one kidnapped her, no one robbed her. No one assaulted her. The cuts on her arms were from an unrelated event. Hillary Black is just a fictim, a false victim wasting taxpayer resources to chase her lies.

September 24, 2018. Gwinnett County Police had obtained a warrant for the arrest of 33 year-old Hillary Black, charged with filing a false report of a crime. She was informed on the phone of her booking and she promised to turn herself in, but no signs her yet. Stay tuned for updates
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