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Durham County, North Carolina. Stripper and violent escort falsely reports sexual assault against players of the Duke lacrosse team, for reasons yet unknown to man. She's treated like the victim and a hero until her true mendacious color is revealed after she murders her boyfriend and tells a series of lies to portray herself as the victim once again. Luckily for humanity, this time, pussy pass was denied, she was convicted and sent to prison.

March 14, 2006. Call girl Crystal Gail Mangum filed a sexual assault report to police complaining that she was violated by white players of the lacrosse team during the Duke lacrosse party on Buchanan Street where she was hired as a stripper the previous night. Following the allegations, she was taken to the hospital, administered a rape kit. A few days later, police collected DNA samples from most of the team's 47 players who were white.

By the end of March 2006, Duke University suspended the lacrosse team as Crystal's story made national news. The lacrosse season was canceled and the coach resigned. In early April 2006, at North Carolina Central University where Mangum was a student, hundreds of students gathered to show her solidarity while an investigation into her alleged rape case intensified. Within two months, three of the Duke lacrosse players were indicted by a grand jury on charges of rape, sexual offense, and kidnapping. The players maintained their innocence.

Eventually, due to inconsistencies in statements including crystal herself later revealing she is not sure she was actually penetrated, the weak case was eventually dropped. Aftermaths also saw Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong out of his job for going public with over 50 interviews before confirming facts, chasing a weak case, and for refusing to hear exculpatory evidence before indictment. Understandably, one can excuse Nifong for simply being the "believe the victim" type. A true American hero. After all, a woman cannot lie, especially not a stripper.

Crystal Gail Mangum is not your average attention ****e. It appears the Duke lacrosse case is not the first time she falsely accused men of violating her. In 1996 she told police she had been kidnapped and raped when she was 14-years-old. Two decades later in a 2016 interview, she said she dated an abusive 27-year old man when she was 14-years-old.

Four years after the Duke lacrosse case, in 2010, Crystal Mangum in a quarrel with her partner Milton Walker, set his clothes on fire during which her scared 9-year-old daughter called the police to report the incident. Crystal Mangum was charged with Arson, Assault and Battery, Identity Theft, Communicating Threats, Damage to property, resisting an officer. Later that year other minor charges on her included failure to comply with restrictions on her child visitation order. Unfortunately, due to female privileges, these charges were still not enough to keep her behind bars.

A year later Crystal Mangum once again demonstrated her helpless fictimhood (false victimhood) towards men by stabbing her boyfriend Reginald Daye who later died of his injuries. She claimed the stabbing was in self-defense while pieces of evidence showed she was the aggressor and the man was trying to get away from her. Crystal was eventually charged with second-degree murder and now serves a minimum of 14 years and 2 months in prison. She is expected to be out by February 2026. The issue of her false rape allegation in the Duke lacrosse case has not been pursued.

--- Update ---

August 15, 2018. Pussypass Denied. This appears to be the end of the road for Crystal Gail Mangum. The false rape accuser was denied another trial after her conviction for lethally stabbing her boyfriend five years ago. Crystal had claimed the stabbing was an act of self-defense against a violent boyfriend, but the jury did not buy it. She had been sentenced to a minimum of 14 years and a maximum of 18 years in prison for second-degree murder.

Crystal Mangum represented herself in court, speaking directly to the judge and rebutting prosecution arguments for why she shouldn’t get a new trial, namely that the statute of limitations to request a new trial had expired.

Crystal Mangum was denied a new Trial and sent back to prison. One less false rape accuser from society is a small relief. Watch this space.
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