Emma Katherine Mannion

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Updated: Oct 28, 2018  

Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. "Two men, Red SUV, Parking Lot" Sure! Another collegian rape fantasist at it, putting the lives of innocent men in danger, and your tax money into waste. Even after Emma Mannion's lies were unveiled and with False Reporting charges filed against her, she moved back to NH, proclaimed herself a "rape survivor" and even affiliated herself with CCC and YWCA, offering us a clue to her initial fictimhood (fake victimhood) motives.

November 13, 2016. UA student Emma Katherine Mannion took to the University of Alabama Police Department (UAPD) and claimed that two men, including a 6'2 wiry built Hispanic man, forced her into a red jeep and raped her near the northwest corner of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Following the report, despite having over 100 unsolved and possibly false sexual assault cases in Tuscaloosa County including over 25 from UA students, police still "believed the victim" and issued warnings through multiple news outlets that there were 2 new rape suspects out there, adding panic to the community.

November 17, 2016. After a series of witness interviews and video surveillance footage review from the area of the reported incident, police say their findings did not support Emma Mannion's account of what happened. She was confronted with evidence refuting her claims before she finally gave in and confessed to having lied. "Mannion admitted to investigators she falsified her report," according to a Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Detective.

Why did she make the false report? Emma wouldn't say. But a Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy made excuses for her, blaming the fake rape incident on intoxication. Authorities say Emma Mannion was drinking on Saturday night which could have blurred her memory. This is a tactic the Authorities often use to push the fault-finding away from the rape liars, encourage more fake victims to come forward while downplaying the fact that your taxes are going down the drain on investigating unfounded rape cases and punishing falsely accused men.

November 18, 2016. Arrested and charged with Class A Misdemeanor False Reporting, 18-year-old Emma Katherine Mannion was booked in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a meager $300 bond. Just goes to show you how little the authorities think of false reporting.

-- Update ---

June 08, 2018. Back in New Hampshire and free of responsibilities for her highly consequential mendaciousness, Emma Mannion gets involved in a social media page to promote a "benefit concert to give back to The Crisis Center of Central NH and the YWCA of Manchester, NH". On the page, she claims: "As a rape survivor I have struggled with discovering what will best help in my healing process." After having scammed the people of Alabama with a rape hoax, the dyke now scams the people of New Hamshire with being a "rape survivor", and it gets more interesting. A link on the social media page is a GoFu**Me Campaign which was likely detected as fraudulent before it was deactivated.

Unfortunately, some libtarded sheeple already donated before the campaign was closed. For someone with Walt Disney tattooed on her shoulder, you can only wonder what Emma Katherine Mannion's next fantasy will cost us all. Watch this space.
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