Holley Frawley

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Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia. As "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", Earth hath no liar like a woman bored. At least that's the impression fictim named Holley Frawley gave us when she made a false robbery and sexual assault report out of the blue.

March 05, 2018. Police officers respond to a home invasion and sexual assault on Holley Frawley’s home. She had told officers she answered her front door to a man who posed as a delivery person. Then the man forced her to open the back door where two other men came in robbing her house while the initial man sexually assaulted her. She claimed she managed to retrieve and discharge a firearm which dispersed the invaders.

In the same effort to describe her rape fantasy to police, she provided detectives with detailed descriptions of the men, including their race and clothing claiming that one was a "Hispanic male with an average build wearing a black polo-style shirt, black pants and gloves".

However, during the investigation, Holley admitted that she fabricated the story. A hoax admitted but not before doing the damage, as Holley's neighbors and Savannah residents were not only frightened but unnecessarily cautious. Taxpayer resources were also wasted on a lie which further aggravated racism against Hispanic men.

July 03, 2018. A 32-year-old Holley Frawley was arrested and booked into the Chatham County Jail on charges of false reporting of a crime and reckless conduct.
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