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New York City, New York. Weather girl felt the attention she was getting from regular TV presentation was not enough, so she cried rape against a fictitious "Hispanic man", gets off with community service for wasting police time. Meanwhile, #BelieveWomen

October 2011. Rape fantasist and WABC/Channel 7 weather girl, Heidi Jones, decided that the best way to get additional attention and sympathy for her work-related pressure was to play the female racist victim card with an invented rape claim. Heidi Jones told police she was attacked by a Hispanic man while jogging in Central Park, and again near her apartment.

As usual, a cry-rape woman was taken seriously by detectives. Files were opened, lengthy investigations launched, people questioned, surveillance video scoured, possible suspects reviewed, witnesses sought after, law enforcement time occupied and taxpayer resources wasted.

Heidi Jones originally claimed she was grabbed from behind by a "Hispanic man in his 30s or 40s" while she was jogging, and she only reported it to police two months later, after the same man again approached her outside her home. When police confronted her with discrepancies in her version of events, she admitted fabricating the story and blamed her lies on her job stress.

"I just want to take a moment to express my sincere and profound apology to all who were involved," said Heidi Jones.

As expected, for wasting taxpayer money on false crime investigation, a nice package of gynocentric leniency before the law was afforded to Heidi Jones. She was offered a plea deal and took it. According to prosecutors, she was sentenced to only 350 hours of community service because it matched the amount of time NYPD wasted on her case.

Now, imagine if Heidi Jones had not been undone by her own admitting of 'fictimhood'. There would have been pressure on Law-Enforcement to catch the perpetrator, some innocent Hispanic guy would have been identified as the suspect, featured on national news, intensively man-hunted, arrested, convicted and given a long sentence for Heidi's white femaleness sake. There would have been calls for the Mayor of New York to "make Central Park safer for women", and that would have inevitably translated into restriction for men.

The ripple effects of a false rape claim cannot be overstated. Shame on fictims

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