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Updated: Feb 24, 2019  

Jackson, Michigan. Queerness fires up as LGBTQ transgender superhero, Nikki Joly, sets home ablaze killing pets in quest for hate-crime victimhood prize of attention, sympathy, fame and money.

August 10, 2017. First responders arrive Nikki Joly's house to tackle inferno which reportedly killed 5 innocent mammals excluding Nikki and his partner Chris Moore. The fire destroyed property, claimed the lives of 2 dogs and 3 cats, posed a danger to neighbours and injured some fire-fighters before it was finally extinguished.

Soon after, a community of Pringle Avenue residents and the Jackson Pride Center rallied in show of solidarity with the queer couple whose valuables were badly burned. They discussed crowdfunding among other ways to support them. LGBTQ community members and sympathizers were quick to regard the issue as a hate crime against Nikki & Chris who were believed to have been targeted by conservatives due to their seemingly defiant courageous fight for priders' rights to hit the streets and popularize queer esoteric values.

August 12, 2017. Mike & Molly star Rondi Reed jumped on the incident uploading an emotional video in which she describes Nikki Joly as "a good upstanding citizen", blaming the incident on hate politics. “As we all know in this day and age with some of the people that are in power in this country hate is sown, discrimination is sown, misogyny, prejudice is sown" , Rondi Reed said . "It's up to us to root that out, and plant love, and spread love”, she added. "Nikki my message to you is we see you we support you and we stand with you...", she concluded with an urge for people to donate to support Nikki.

August 15, 2017. A fundraiser was setup in the couple's name by the "St. John's United Church of Christ" attended by hundreds, cash donations were encouraged to be sent to Jackson's United Center for Caring which raised around $20,000. Well-wishers created two fundraisers on the YouCaring crowdfunding website that together netted more than $18,000. Within a few months, $40,000 of the initial $50,000 target had been raised. Nikki Joly had so far enjoyed fictimhood attention and fame plus everything that came with it. However, that lasted only until a one year long investigation into the fire incident turned up shocking results that Nikki Joly himself could have started the fire.

September 24, 2018. Jackson police detectives submitted their findings to the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, which recommended the arson charge against Nikki Joly.

September 25, 2018. Fictim Nikki Joly was arraigned on one felony count of first-degree arson before the District Judge. reports that Joly has a probable cause conference scheduled for 1 p.m. on October 05 and a probable cause hearing at 9:30 a.m. on October 11.

If convicted on the initial charge, Nikki could either be sentenced to life in prison or pay three times the cost of damage caused by the arson, or $20,000 if this value is higher. Fortunately the original owner of the house (not Nikki Joly) had insured the property. We are keeping an eye on this story.

- Update -

February 24, 2019. A 54 year-old Nikki Joly was charged with Arson and two counts of Animal Cruelty. New information reveal "his" motive for having staged the hate crime was anger. In "his" efforts to force queerness in public sphere, there were at least a few people who did not agree with "him". Two weeks before the Arson incident, one of such people had written an email to the city council objecting to raising a rainbow flag for the Gay Pride Festival at a public park. The e-letter said: "That is an in your face declaration of war". The pride march was held anyway, but Nikki Joly was apparently not satisfied with the turn-out, and seemed to be frustrated with "his" inability to speed-up state policies against heterosexuality. Two days after setting "his" house on fire, Nikki Joly reportedly wrote on Facebook “Yes, be angry, be very angry,”. “Use that anger to force good! Use that anger to make change.” . Nikki Joly also wanted more attention for "his" LGBTQ activism. By libtardism standards, not getting enough attention is justification for burning down your house and killing innocent pets while endangering everyone / everything else around.

February 26, 2019. Actor Rondi Reed deleted the video she made in support for Nikki Joly's hoax. But we had archived the video just in case we need it some time in the future.

The charges against Nikki Joly and new information of "his" fictimhood motives come as we are still struggling to make sense of the hate crime hoax of Smollett here, who was also dissatisfied with something, and thought the best way to whine about it was to play fictim of MAGA. And Oh! this illegal immigrant here who also claimed to be a victim of Make America Great Again. As you can see, libtardism needs exorcism now or never. But the willingness to initiate that exorcism will not come until people wake up and realise that libtardism is the next stage in a series of illusive realities forced on us in the pretext of "western values". The sad part of it is we the taxpayers continue to clear to tab for the bullCrap. Like Nikki Joly "himself" said: “Yes, be angry, be very angry,”

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