Judy Steinruck

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Added: Sep 12, 2018  

Scranton, Pennsylvania. In a weird mood driven by racism, fictimhood and poverty; Judy Steinruck unleashed a robbery hoax claiming she was attacked by men who made away with her fresh ATM withdrawal.

September 04, 2018. Fictim Judy Steinruck claimed that shortly after withdrawing $700 from an ATM at 136 S. Main Ave, a thin black man approached her and demanded the cash. As she refused, the black man pushed her down, grabbed the money and took off accompanied by a hispanic man.

However, police investigation reveal the story was a fabrication. The robbery never happened. Just another hoax to waste police time and tax-payer money. Judy Steinruck admitted she made the story up but did not provide an explanation for why she did it. However, it would be safe to presume that if her lies were not figured out through surveillance video, she would have been 700 bucks richer

September 12, 2018. Police hint that 62-year-old fictim Judy Steinruck will face charges for lying that she was the victim of a robbery, as reported by thetimes-tribune.com. We have no idea if they will go ahead with the charges or drop it due to the fictim's age. Check back for updates
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