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Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. In an effort to exploit victimology culture to express her vindictiveness while proving she too can shit on taxpayer resources and at the same time destroy an innocent man's life, Kandace Bryant falsely reported to police that her 1-year-old daughter was kidnapped by her husband who also threatened to shoot the child, but later admitted she lied.

September 16, 2018. West Memphis, Express Inn. Kandace Bryant and her husband got into an altercation during which west Memphis police officers showed up, and decided to calm the situation by letting the husband take the child home to Memphis... But shortly after, a bitter Kandace Bryant calls MPD and reports that her husband abducted the child at gunpoint and threatened to kill the child. When asked by a wreg3 reporter why she lied, she said it's because they were separating and he left her with the baby.

September 24, 2018. Hateful Kandace Bryant was booked in MPD but was never arrested nor convicted. Her social media account had earlier shared instagram picture message with words: "My job is to make sure my daughter will never be impressed by what your son has"... However, her action of using her innocent daughter as a fictimhood tool is the beginning of living the opposite of that. Most taxpayers in Tennessee are male.

Shame on this fictim

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