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Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Narcisslut Saskia Hargrave put on a rape fictim drama to destroy one man's life in order to get the attention and sympathy of another.

July 8, 2015. Sobbing and shivering, Saskia Hargrave accused an epileptic male acquaintance of raping her in an alleyway, describing to police that the incident went on for 45 minutes. The innocent man who previously survived serious injuries in an inferno was taken into custody for 16 hours during which he suffered seizures caused by stress of the allegation and detention. Due to his condition, the accused man was given short-term bail during which he had to hide from his community as they learned of his arrest.

An investigation was launched. When police conducted further surveillance camera review, they found the accused suspect was in fact in a Blackpool bar during the time of the alleged rape, contrary to Ms. Hargrave's claims. On November 2015 police arrested Saskia Hargrave on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice. She admitted she had fabricated the rape incident to gain the sympathetic attention of a crush, William Burrows.

Due to her female privilege, the Cry-rape was bailed by police but failed to attend her bail hearing while she moved around the country to avoid police. ms. Hargrave was again arrested in October 2017 and remanded to appear before court, but was bailed again and like a slippery snake went on the run again. Eventually a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Following an appearance on BBC1’s Crime watch Road Show, information was given to police confirming Hargrave's whereabouts. Police arrested her and she pleaded guilty to two counts of breach of bail and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

July 5, 2018. Preston Crown Court. Saskia Hargrave, at that time 22, was sentenced to 26 months in prison. Sadly, she was not sentenced for destroying an innocent man's life but for wasting police time.

In a statement which focused mainly on Saskia's behaviour and how it wasted police time and resources, detective Sgt Chris Sanderson, of Lancashire Police, said: "Hargrave’s behaviour and subsequent actions were completely unacceptable. She wasted valuable police time constructing a web of lies to try and destroy an innocent man’s life. Rape is a horrendous crime, with far-reaching effects for victims and for the communities in which the incident takes place"

"to try and destroy"? Sgt. Sanderson does not seem to realise the accused innocent man's life had already been destroyed. The poor man had to move to a new location to restart his life away from the inevitable stigma in his community, not to mention if the new neighbourhood recognize him from the alleged Blackpool incident, they are likely to create the same stigma against him even though his innocence was clearly established. Shame on Fictims.
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Public Reasons for Shaming

I was the victim of multiple false allegations by a woman, and proved my innocence each time. I blame this evil woman, but I also blame a sexist system that does not exact a serious price for making false allegations. If they are done for revenge, she ALWAYS wins because, even if the charges don’t stick, she still gets to hurt her victim.

by Fred Hayward United States
7 Months ago