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Janet Elena Brooks

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Clermont, Lake County, Florida. "Test of affection though it may be, scars left thereof last eternally". This is what fictim Janet Elena Brooks did not seem to understand when she fabricated her kidnap, only to test, she claimed, how much her boyfriend cared.

September 10, 2016. Passionate lover Janet Elena Brooks told police she was abducted at gunpoint from a parking lot, by a man who forced her in his trunk, then dropped her off at a dog park. However as CCTV footage revealed her claim is nothing but a hoax, she then admitted to making up the story because she thought another woman showed interest in her boyfriend and she wanted to see if he "truly cared about her". How romantic!

Hypoagent bodied by one, cladded with a conscience and led by affection. This is the best sense of decency you can hope for in a fictim, and the fact that she was kind enough to NOT garnish it all with a rape hoax, is applaudable in this day and age. However, even a true sense of remorse cannot put the genie back in the bottle..

September 20, 2016. 22 year-old Janet Elena Brooks was charged with filing a false report with law enforcement and was released from the Lake County Jail after posting a $2,000 bond

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